Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 532
Habeas Corpus


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appeal from decision involving custody of minor child, when, who may appeal, 512.025
Costs, on discharge of witness committed at deposition hearing, 492.270
Court not to proceed in habeas corpus in absence of prosecuting attorney, 56.090
Death sentence not executed, habeas corpus to bring prisoner before court, 546.700
Habeas corpus ad testificandum, 491.230 to 491.270
Prosecuting attorney to attend hearings on habeas corpus, 56.080
532.010 Who may prosecute the writ.
532.020. Application, how made--petition and oath.
532.030. Application, to what court first made.
532.040. Second writ not to issue, when.
532.050. Copy of warrant to accompany petition, when.
532.060. Writ to be granted without delay, unless.
532.070. Writ shall issue without application, when.
532.080. Writ, how directed, form of.
532.090. To be under seal of court.
532.100. Custodian of prisoner, how designated.
532.110. Writ not to be disobeyed--how endorsed.
532.120. Expense of producing prisoner paid by petitioner.
532.130. Charges, when paid or tendered--bond may be required.
532.140. Service of writ.
532.150. How served when party conceals himself.
532.160. Officer to obey writ, whether directed to him or not.
532.170. Return made, when.
532.180. Return, contents.
532.190. Return, when sworn to and by whom signed.
532.200. The body to accompany the return.
532.210. Prisoner may not be returned with writ, when.
532.220. Proceedings under section 532.210.
532.230. Prisoner removed from county on writ, when.
532.240. Papers relating to commitment returned with writ.
532.250. Judge or clerk to furnish examination, when.
532.260. Judge shall appear in person, when.
532.270. Writ may issue when party about to be removed from state.
532.280. Arrest of person having prisoner in charge.
532.290. Warrant, how executed.
532.300. Proceedings on return of writ.
532.310. A day to be set for hearing the cause.
532.320. Answer to return, contents.
532.330. Return and answer may be amended.
532.340. Examination to be read when prisoner under criminal charge.
532.350. Evidence admissible on hearing--duty of judge.
532.360. Duty of court on final hearing.
532.370. Duty of court in awarding custody of children.
532.380. Prisoner discharged, when.
532.390. Who not entitled to benefit of this chapter.
532.400. Parties held under judgment erroneous as to time and place, not entitled to writ.
532.410. When remanded.
532.420. Party remanded, not to be discharged on second writ.
532.430. Prisoner held under judicial proceedings discharged, when.
532.440. Limitations on court under this chapter.
532.450. Parties under indictment not to be discharged except on bail.
532.460. When prisoner may be let to bail.
532.470. The order of discharge.
532.480. Court to fix amount of bail, when.
532.490. Judge or clerk to take recognizance, when.
532.500. Prisoner remanded, when.
532.510. When prisoner remanded or bailed, evidence to be returned.
532.520. Custody of prisoner between return and judgment.
532.530. Order of discharge, how enforced.
532.540. Officer discharging prisoner, not liable.
532.550. Person discharged cannot be again imprisoned--exceptions.
532.560. Officer refusing to obey writ, proceedings.
532.570. Officer or person to be committed.
532.580. When sheriff in contempt, coroner shall serve.
532.590. Custody of prisoner granted officer holding attachment for derelict officer.
532.600. Officer having attachment may invoke aid, when.
532.630. Penalty for refusing copy of process.
532.640. Penalty for failing to obey and make return to writ.
532.650. Penalty for concealing prisoner.
532.660. Penalty for rearresting party after discharge.
532.670. Aiding in violation of sections 532.650 and 532.660, misdemeanor.
532.680. Punishment.
532.690. Right of action to survive.
532.700. Recovery of penalty no bar to civil action.
532.710. This chapter, how construed.

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