Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 540
Grand Juries and Their Proceedings


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Grand juries, Const. Art. I, § 16
Grand jury to visit jail, 221.300
540.021. Selection of grand jurors, summons and jury qualification form--notification of persons not qualified to serve--alternate grand jurors--length of service--compensation.
540.031. Duties of grand jury.
540.045. Qualifications and exemptions from service.
540.050. Disqualification of grand juror--new juror summoned.
540.060. Challenge of grand jurors--grounds.
540.070. Challenge for other causes not allowed.
540.080. Oath of grand jurors.
540.090. Foreperson of grand jury, appointment.
540.100. Clerk of grand jury, appointment.
540.105. Reporter to record testimony--oath.
540.106. Grand jury proceeding to be recorded, when--transcript to defendant.
540.110. Foreperson--powers and duties--oath.
540.120. Penalty for violation of oath.
540.130. Prosecuting or circuit attorney to attend.
540.140. Rights and privileges of prosecuting or circuit attorney.
540.150. Interpreter--appointment--oath.
540.160. Grand jury entitled to process--exception.
540.170. Subpoenas in vacation, when issued.
540.180. Compulsory process, when issued.
540.190. Refusal to testify--proceedings.
540.200. Witness may be compelled to testify.
540.210. Continued refusal to testify--proceedings.
540.220. Grand juror as witness, when.
540.230. Indictment of grand juror--proceedings.
540.240. Bills of indictment.
540.250. True bill--concurrence by nine grand jurors.
540.260. Indictment not a true bill, when.
540.270. Indictments--presented to court--filed.
540.300. Grand jurors required to testify, when.
540.310. Cannot be compelled to disclose vote.
540.320. Grand juror not to disclose evidence--penalty.
540.330. Charge to grand jury.
540.331. Lists of tangible personal property--authority of grand jury (first class counties).

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