Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 541
Jurisdiction in Criminal Cases


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Civil code not applicable in criminal cases, exceptions, 506.020
Criminal process or proceedings not to abate by failure of court to sit, 476.100
Dual jurisdiction of court in disposition of offender transferred from juvenile court, 211.073
Federal jurisdiction over federal enclaves, cession and retrocession, 12.028
Information for felony not to be filed before accused is afforded preliminary hearing, 544.250
Juvenile court proceedings (delinquent children), Chap. 211
Limitation of action on penal statutes, 516.380 to 516.420
Repeal of statute, effect on prosecution or punishment for prior offenses, 1.160
Street gangs, criminal activities, ages fourteen to seventeen cases to be transferred to circuit court, 578.423
541.010. Code applicable, when and where.
541.015. Jurisdiction of associate circuit judges.
541.020. Jurisdiction of circuit courts.
541.033. Offenses, where prosecuted.
541.035. Failure to file reports required by law, where prosecuted.
541.040. Property stolen in another state, prosecution here, jurisdiction.
541.050. Stealing--prior trial in other state a bar.
541.060. Receipt of stolen or embezzled property--trial, where held.
541.070. Property stolen in one county taken to another, jurisdiction--wrongfully taken, defined.
541.080. Party wounded in one county and dying in another.
541.090. Party wounded in this state and dying in another.
541.100. Wounded in another state and dying in this.
541.110. Accessory to felony, where indicted.
541.120. Prosecution in wrong county--duty of court.
541.130. Jury discharged without prejudice, when.
541.140. Prisoner to be removed to proper county.
541.150. Change in venue law applicable.
541.155. Fraudulent use of a credit device, where prosecuted.
541.160. Concurrent jurisdiction in certain territories (Missouri).
541.170. Concurrent jurisdiction in certain territories (Arkansas).
541.180. Missouri and Arkansas to have concurrent jurisdiction.
541.191. State has jurisdiction over offenses if element of offense or result occurs in state--body of homicide victim found in state, presumption death occurred in state.

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