Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 542
Proceedings to Preserve the Peace--Searches and Seizures


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Associate circuit judge to issue warrant upon complaint charging felony, 544.020
Court may require security to preserve the peace in addition to sentence, 546.650
Police protection cooperation between political subdivisions, 70.815 to 70.837
Sheriffs as conservators of peace, duties, Chap. 57
542.010. Magistrate defined.
542.020. Certain officers to preserve peace, issue process.
542.030. Warrant may issue, when.
542.040. Proceedings before associate circuit judge--jury--verdict--recognizance--costs.
542.050. Recognizance--penalty for failure to give.
542.060. Parties committed, how discharged.
542.070. Recognizance, where deposited.
542.080. Recognizance, when broken.
542.090. Recognizance to be prosecuted, when.
542.100. Offense stated in record is evidence of breach.
542.110. Appeal granted, when.
542.120. Recognizance forfeited on failure to prosecute appeal.
542.130. Proceedings on appeal.
542.140. Affray in presence of associate circuit judge.
542.170. What officers may require aid of persons to disperse rioters.
542.190. Special deputies and policemen to be residents of state.
542.261. Peace officer defined.
542.266. Search warrant defined--who may issue.
542.271. Warrant may issue to search and seize, certain persons and items, or to copy, photograph or record.
542.276. Who may apply for search warrant--contents of application, affidavit--where filed, hearing--contents of warrant--who may execute, return, when and how made--warrant deemed invalid, when.
542.281. Obscene matter, search warrant, procedure for obtaining--application for warrant, content--adversary hearing required, when--alteration of material after notice of hearing or execution of warrant prohibited.
542.286. Warrant to be executed within territorial jurisdiction, exception.
542.291. Search, when conducted--receipt for property taken.
542.296. Motion to suppress, grounds for.
542.300. Prisoners may be searched.
542.301. Disposition of unclaimed seized property--forfeiture to the state, when--allegedly obscene matter, how treated--appeal authorized.
542.400. Definitions.
542.402. Penalty for illegal wiretapping, permitted activities.
542.404. Application for an order--authorization by attorney general--approval by judge, probable cause required.
542.406. Disclosure of contents--privileged communications.
542.408. Application, contents--ex parte order issued, when, contents, extensions granted, when--reports, court may require, when--pen registers, who may request--communication, common carriers may provide aid, immunity from suit, compensation.
542.410. Recording of contents, required, how, custody of, duplication, destruction of--applications and orders sealed by court, disclosure, when, destruction of--penalty--notice to persons named in order, when, right to inspect and copy contents.
542.412. Contents may be used as evidence, when--disclosure of additional evidence to defendant.
542.414. Suppression of contents, grounds--right of state to appeal suppression motion, when.
542.416. Reports to state courts administrator required, when, contents, who must report--state courts administrator to report to general assembly, when--rules and regulations.
542.418. Use of contents of wiretap in civil action, limitations on--illegal wiretap, cause of action, damages, attorney fees and costs--good faith reliance on court order a prima facie defense.
542.420. Evidence obtained in violation of law may not be used.
542.422. Injunctions of felony violations of sections 542.400 to 542.424, procedure.
542.425. Criminal investigations, site of criminal conduct undetermined, attorney general may subpoena witnesses and documents.

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