Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 544
Arrest, Examination, Commitment and Bail


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appeal, defendant failing to appear for judgment on, arrest ordered, 547.310
Arrest powers, peace officers and conservation agents, 252.085
Arrest records expungement, grounds, procedure, 610.122 to 610.126
Bonds required for arrest warrants, probation, civil cash bonds, deemed unclaimed property, when, 447.595
Child less than seventeen years taken into custody, record of law enforcement agency required, 210.004
Children deemed arrested when taken into custody on drug and criminal activities, 195.146
Cities, fourth class, police officers may arrest in areas leased or owned by city outside city boundaries, 85.620
Cities, third class, police officers may arrest in areas leased or owned by city outside city boundaries, 85.561
Crime victims' rights, Const. Art. I, Sec. 32
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Employees of conservation commission and department of conservation, arrest powers, when, 252.068
Escape of accused, crime victims' right to notice, Const. Art. I, Sec. 32
Extradition proceedings, generally, Chap. 548
First class counties and St. Louis City, arrest authority of certain peace officers, 70.820
Highway patrolmen may arrest on reasonable grounds for motor vehicle offenses, 43.195
Liquor control peace officers, authority to make arrests for violations, 311.630
Marshal of supreme court to arrest and deliver convict to penitentiary, when, 547.340, 547.350
Members of general assembly privileged from arrest, when, Const. Art. III § 19
Military offenders, state, 40.025
Motor vehicles abandoned when driver is arrested and taken into custody, procedure, 304.155
Penal institution employees authorized to arrest, when, 217.280
Reversal upon writ of error by state, defendant to be arrested, 547.230
State college and university boards may appoint police officers with powers of arrest, 174.703
Voters privileged from arrest on election day, Const. Art. VIII § 4 BAIL
Appeal bond, when taken, conditions, 547.170 to 547.190
Appeal by state, defendant to be recognized, 547.220
Forfeiture if defendant tampers with witness or victims, 491.610
Indicted person not to be released, exception, bail, 532.450
Recognizance on change of venue, 545.520 to 545.540
Witness or victim tampering prohibited, activities prohibited set out in forms, 491.620 POINTS
Assessment for out of state charges or convictions, requirements, exceptions, 302.160
University of Missouri campuses, traffic regulations violations, points assessed, 172.750
544.010 Magistrate defined.
544.020. Issuance of warrant upon complaint.
544.030. Issuance of warrants by associate circuit judge.
544.040. Bail, associate circuit judge may grant, when.
544.045. License to operate motor vehicle may be deposited in lieu of bail--exceptions--failure to appear, notice to director of revenue.
544.046. Compact--entered into.
544.050. Recognizances.
544.060. Issuance of warrants by clerk upon indictments.
544.070. Issuance of process.
544.080. Issuance of warrant to sheriff--execution.
544.090. Warrants, where executed.
544.100. Arrest in another county--procedure.
544.110. Escape to another county when guilty of felony.
544.120. Attempted escape of felon, officers to pursue--arrest.
544.130. Attempted escape, proceeding after arrest.
544.145. Governor may offer reward for escaped felon--payment.
544.150. Reward by county commission.
544.155. Uniform fresh pursuit law.
544.157. Law enforcement officers, conservation agents, capitol police, college or university police officers, and park rangers, arrest powers--fresh pursuit defined--policy of agency electing to institute vehicular pursuits.
544.160. Escaped prisoner may be retaken after term expires.
544.170. Twenty hours detention on arrest without warrant--twenty-four hours detention for certain offenses, rights of confinee--violations, penalty.
544.180. Arrest.
544.190. Rights of officer in making arrests.
544.193. Strip searches prohibited, when--how executed if authorized.
544.195. Rights and remedies of person wronged.
544.197. Sections 544.193 to 544.197 not applicable, when.
544.200. Officer may break open doors.
544.210. Arrests, when.
544.216. Powers of arrest, arrest without warrant on suspicion persons violating any law of state including infractions, misdemeanors and ordinances, exception--power of municipal officer in unincorporated area.
544.218. Arrest without warrant, lawful, when.
544.220. Conveyance of prisoner through another county.
544.230. Officer not subject to arrest--posse.
544.240. Duty of jailer.
544.250. Preliminary hearing, when required--release, when, what conditions.
544.260. Arrest of person, where tried.
544.270. Procedure before associate circuit judge.
544.275. State correctional facilities may be used for certain civil or criminal proceedings not requiring a jury.
544.280. Trial, how conducted.
544.290. Disqualification of associate circuit judge.
544.300. Proceedings in case of disqualification.
544.310. Associate circuit judge may call associate.
544.320. Adjournment of hearing by associate circuit judge--release of prisoner, when, what conditions.
544.330. Failure to appear under recognizance.
544.340. Commitment of party, when.
544.350. Complaint to be read, time given for advice.
544.360. Exclusion of witnesses from examination.
544.370. Homicide, written evidence.
544.376. Crime laboratory reports, evidence as to test results, procedure--person conducting tests, recorded interview prior to hearing, procedure, right to subpoena.
544.380. Examination of prisoner and his witnesses.
544.390. Examination and recognizance, certified, when.
544.400. Failure of associate circuit judge to discharge duty.
544.410. Discharge, when ordered.
544.420. Recognizance, when required.
544.430. Who may be bound by recognizance.
544.440. Commitment of witnesses.
544.455. Release of person charged, when--conditions which may be imposed.
544.456. Sam Pratt's Law--prohibition on providing child care services for compensation pending final disposition, when.
544.457. Bail, amount of, information which may be considered--denial of bail--special conditions.
544.470. Commitment of individual, when--presumption for aliens unlawfully present.
544.472. Persons confined to jail, verification of lawful immigration status required.
544.490. What courts may accept recognizance.
544.500. Recognizance, disposition of.
544.510. Bail, when taken other than by court.
544.520. Name of prosecutor returned with bail bond.
544.530. Bond or recognizance, by whom taken.
544.540. Court to fix conditions for release, when.
544.550. Recognizances, how taken.
544.560. Sheriff may set conditions for release, when.
544.570. Recognizances returned to clerk.
544.575. No proceeding upon a recognizance defeated for defects.
544.580. Qualification of sureties.
544.590. When security deemed sufficient.
544.600. Surrender of principal, how made.
544.610. Discharge of bailor's liability, how.
544.620. What deemed a surrender.
544.630. Other bail.
544.640. Recognizance forfeited, when.
544.650. Writ of scire facias, how served.
544.660. Writs of scire facias, service construed.
544.665. Failure to appear, penalty.
544.671. Certain defendants not entitled to bail for certain offenses.
544.676. Court may deny bail upon showing that defendant poses danger to victim, witness, or community--considerations--right to trial, time limit.

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