Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 545
Proceedings Before Trial


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bonds required for arrest warrants, probation, civil cash bonds, deemed unclaimed property, when, 447.595
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Essential witness defined, deposition by prosecutor authorized, procedure, 492.303
Grand juror--to disclose knowledge of offenses and be witness, when, 540.220
Juvenile offenders, court to determine how tried, 211.071
Mental illness in criminal proceedings, Chap. 552
Pretrial release of defendant conditional, notice of prohibited witness tampering activities required, 491.620
Prosecuting attorney, having interest, court to appoint another, 56.110
State correctional facilities used for preliminary hearings, certain motions, when, 544.275
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
Variance between statement of name in indictment and proof --not grounds for acquittal, when, 546.080
Witness protection services, 491.640
545.010. Felonies and misdemeanors may be prosecuted by indictment or information, exceptions.
545.015. Definitions.
545.020. Recovery of fine or forfeiture, how.
545.030. Indictments and informations, when valid.
545.040. Indictments signed by whom.
545.050. Name of prosecutor on indictment, when.
545.060. Indictment to have name of prosecutor--by whom made--effect of failure.
545.070. Names of witnesses must be affixed to indictment.
545.080. Indictments, when not to be made public.
545.090. Judges and others forbidden to disclose finding of indictment.
545.100. Officer may make disclosure, when.
545.110. Second indictment suspends first, when.
545.130. Different degrees of same offense may be incorporated.
545.140. Two or more persons and offenses may be charged in same indictment, when--separate counts for each offense--all defendants need not be joined in each count--separate trials, when--substantial prejudice, defined.
545.150. Indictments in relation to property belonging to several owners.
545.160. Venue, how stated.
545.170. Intent to injure or defraud, how charged.
545.180. Certain indictments, what designation sufficient.
545.190. Identification of counterfeiting equipment.
545.200. Instruments, how described.
545.210. Money or note, how described.
545.220. Demurrer or motion to quash indictment must specify grounds.
545.230. Indictment by wrong name.
545.240. Informations--how filed, verified.
545.250. Who may make affidavit.
545.260. Lost affidavit, how replaced.
545.270. Form of information.
545.280. Prosecuting witness, who deemed.
545.290. Statute of jeofails applicable to proceedings by information.
545.300. Informations--amendment--substitution for defective indictment.
545.310. Issuance of warrant--recognizance after arrest.
545.320. Issuance of subpoenas for state witnesses.
545.330. Issuance of subpoenas for defense witnesses.
545.340. Disobedience to subpoena, how punished.
545.350. Tender of fees not necessary.
545.360. Law governing witnesses in civil cases to apply.
545.370. Witness to attend until end of case--consequences of failure to so attend.
545.380. Defense witnesses--commission to take deposition, when.
545.390. Depositions to be taken and read as in civil cases.
545.400. Conditional examination of witnesses.
545.410. Duty of prosecuting attorney in taking depositions.
545.415. Criminal cases, prosecutors and circuit attorneys may take depositions of any person, procedure--prisoners deposed, where.
545.420. Indictment against judge to be removed to another circuit.
545.430. Change of venue may be granted defendant.
545.440. Change of venue in counties where court held at more than one place.
545.450. When case may be removed to another circuit.
545.460. Removal to be made on application of defendant.
545.470. Application for change of venue, when made.
545.473. Cole County, change of venue, procedure.
545.480. Additional affidavit, when made.
545.490. Petition for change of venue must be proved and may be rebutted.
545.500. Order for removal shall specify what.
545.510. Order for removal, where entered.
545.520. Recognizance to be given.
545.530. Who may take recognizance.
545.540. Order for removal void, unless bail given.
545.550. Defendant in custody, to be removed, when--which county jail to house defendant.
545.560. Duty of sheriff.
545.570. In case of removal, transcript of record to be made.
545.580. Transcript to be filed.
545.590. Lost transcript may be replaced.
545.600. Witnesses to attend trial in cases of removal.
545.610. In case of removal, when notice to be given.
545.620. Costs, how taxed and paid.
545.630. Clerk, when liable to civil action.
545.640. Change of venue for one not to affect other defendants.
545.650. Change of venue and disqualification of judges in multiple-judge circuits.
545.660. When judge deemed incompetent to try case.
545.690. Another circuit judge may sit, when.
545.700. Adjourned term held, when.
545.710. Continuances, when and how granted.
545.720. Contents of affidavit.
545.730. Continuances on behalf of state, how obtained.
545.740. Witnesses to enter into recognizance, when.
545.780. Speedy trial, when--what constitutes--failure to comply not grounds for dismissal, exception.
545.790. Cause continued, when.
545.800. Copy of indictment or information furnished accused on request.
545.810. Defendant granted reasonable time to plead.
545.820. Court shall assign prisoner counsel, when.
545.830. Dilatory pleas, when entertained.
545.840. Matters pleaded occurring in another county.
545.850. Special term of court.
545.860. If prisoner bailed, no special term.
545.870. Prosecuting attorney to be notified, when.
545.880. Joint trials, when--separate trials for joint defendants, when--probability of prejudice exists, when.
545.885. Joint trials for persons jointly charged--exceptions--substantial prejudice defined.
545.890. Defendant imprisoned--discharge if not tried before end of second term.
545.900. Defendant on bail--discharged if not tried before end of third term.
545.910. When state not entitled to further continuance.
545.920. When defendant not entitled to discharge.
545.930. Endorsement or signature of pleadings in criminal cases.
545.940. Defendant may be tested for various sexually transmitted diseases, when.
545.950. Child victim of sexual offense, video and aural recordings and photographs, defendant not to copy or distribute without court order.

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