Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 546
Trials, Judgments and Executions in Criminal Cases


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Amendment of pleadings not to delay trial except for cause and at instance of defendant, 545.290
Bonds required for arrest warrants, probation, civil cash bonds, deemed unclaimed property, when, 447.595
Deaf persons, auxiliary services and aids, 476.750 to 476.766
Dual jurisdiction of court in disposition of offender transferred from juvenile court, 211.073
Execution, supreme court to order, when, 547.290
Forfeitures real and personal property used, gained or realized from criminal activities, procedure, CAFA, 513.600 to 513.660
General sentencing provisions, Chap. 557
Judgment, crime victims' compensation fund, 595.045
Jury trials not to be held in correctional facilities, 544.275
Mental illness in criminal proceedings, Chap. 552
Murder, first degree, death penalty, factors judge to consider or jury instructions to contain and consider, 565.032
Presentence investigation, 557.026, 557.031
Proceedings upon remand by appellate court, 547.320
Prosecution in wrong county, jury discharged and cause transferred, when, 541.120, 541.130
Rape shield law, 491.015
Repeal of statute not to affect prosecution or punishment for violation, exception, 1.160
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
Witness, once subpoenaed, to attend at subsequent settings of case, 545.370
546.010. Proceedings upon information, how conducted.
546.020. Plea of not guilty, not formally tendered.
546.030. Prisoner must be present in court, when.
546.040. Issues of fact to be tried by jury.
546.050. Misdemeanors may be tried by court.
546.060. Practice in civil case to apply, when.
546.070. Order of trial--instructions, requirements.
546.080. Variance between charge and proof.
546.090. Court may amend record, when--clerk to certify corrections.
546.095. Offense not cognizable before associate circuit judge--procedure.
546.250. Person injured may testify.
546.260. Defendant may testify in own behalf--spouse may testify for husband or wife--spouse may testify against husband or wife, when.
546.270. Failure to testify not to prejudice defendant.
546.280. Defendant may be discharged to testify for state.
546.300. Existence of corporation, how proved.
546.360. Defense of former jeopardy may be proved, when.
546.370. Exceptions may be taken as in civil cases.
546.380. Court not to charge, but may instruct jury.
546.390. Verdict of jury, how rendered.
546.400. Verdict must show degree of guilt.
546.540. Confinement of insane persons, costs paid, how.
546.550. Presence of prisoner at rendition of judgment.
546.560. Presence of prisoner in court.
546.570. Hearing before sentence.
546.580. Section 546.570 deemed directory, when.
546.590. Judgment to be entered by clerk.
546.595. Associate circuit judge to file statement with certain officers if no appeal--collection of fines.
546.600. Copy of judgment of conviction to sheriff.
546.610. Copy of commitment to sheriff--prisoner, how and where delivered.
546.620. Power of sheriff to summon aid.
546.650. Court may require security to keep the peace.
546.660. Section 546.650 construed.
546.670. Recognizance, when broken.
546.680. Capital cases, duty of court.
546.690. Statement of conviction and judgment to governor.
546.700. Sentence not executed, procedure.
546.710. Execution warrant issued to the director of department of corrections for execution of offender.
546.720. Death penalty--manner of execution--execution team to be selected, members, confidentiality.
546.730. Place of executing judgment of death, duties of director.
546.740. Execution, witnesses.
546.750. Warrant of execution, how returned.
546.800. Pregnancy of female convict under death sentence--proceedings.
546.810. If found pregnant--sentence suspended.
546.820. Execution ordered when causes for suspension cease.
546.860. All property bound for fine and costs.
546.870. Executions shall issue, when.
546.880. May be consigned to workhouse, when.
546.881. St. Louis City workhouse, commitment.
546.890. Persons committed to workhouse imprisoned for full term.
546.900. Stay of execution granted, when.
546.902. Municipalities in St. Louis County, authority to enact ordinances and enforce them with fines or imprisonment.

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