Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 547
Appeals, New Trials and Exceptions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Jurisdiction, appellate, court of appeals, supreme court, Const. Art. V, Sec. 3
No bail, certain defendants, certain offenses, 544.671
Presence of defendant at trial creates presumption on appeal of presence throughout trial, 546.030
State correctional facilities may be used for certain proceedings, when, 544.275
547.010 New trials.
547.020. New trials--when granted.
547.030. Motion for new trial.
547.035. Postconviction DNA testing for persons in the custody of the department--motion, contents--procedure.
547.037. Motion for release filed, when, procedure.
547.040. Motion in arrest of judgment--abolished.
547.050. Court of its own motion may arrest judgment.
547.060. In cases of arrest, court may order prisoner recommitted.
547.070. Appeals--when granted.
547.080. Writs of error.
547.090. Appeals in felony cases, within what time.
547.100. Appeals in misdemeanor cases--procedure.
547.110. Transcript on appeal prepared by clerk, when.
547.120. Transcript prepared by appellant, when.
547.130. Stay of execution, when--exceptions.
547.140. Suspension of judgment.
547.150. Stay of proceedings and writ of error to be filed.
547.160. Sheriff to keep prisoner in custody, when.
547.170. Prisoner, when let to bail.
547.180. Condition of recognizance--felony cases.
547.190. Recognizance on appeal--misdemeanor cases.
547.200. Appeal by state.
547.210. Indictment or information insufficient, defendant held--state may appeal.
547.220. Defendant to make recognizance in cases of appeal.
547.230. State may sue out writ of error.
547.240. Recognizances, where certified.
547.250. Forfeiture, where certified.
547.260. Attorney general and chief administrative officer to be notified of appeal, how, by whom.
547.270. No assignment, or joinder in error, necessary.
547.280. Errors as to time or place of imprisonment, no ground for reversal.
547.290. Supreme court shall direct execution of sentence, when.
547.300. Effect of affirmance or reversal.
547.310. Defendant ordered arrested, when.
547.320. Cause remanded, procedure.
547.330. Affirmation of conviction or dismissal of appeal, execution of sentence, arrest of convict, when.
547.340. Duty of marshal under execution of sentence order--warrant for arrest, issuance, authority under.
547.350. Power of marshal in executing order.
547.360. Post conviction relief.
547.370. Post conviction relief, death penalty.

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