Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 550
Costs in Criminal Cases


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bonds required for arrest warrants, probation, civil cash bonds, deemed unclaimed property, when, 447.595
Continuance at instance of either party, costs, how taxed, 545.710
Costs of searches and seizures under liquor law made from property seized, 311.810, 311.840, 311.860
Crime victims' compensation fund, judgments, 595.045
Crime victims' rights, Const. Art. I, Sec. 32
Escape of accused, crime victims' right to notice, Const. Art. I. Sec 32
550.010. State or county to pay only reasonable occupancy costs and cost of incarceration.
550.020. State to pay certain costs.
550.030. County to pay costs, when.
550.110. Costs taxed against clerk, when.
550.120. Costs in change of venue--costs defined.
550.130. Judge and prosecuting attorney to certify cost bill.
550.140. Clerk to make out fee bills.
550.150. Names of witnesses certified.
550.160. Certain officers not to receive witness fees.
550.170. Costs of three witnesses allowed.
550.180. Clerk liable for neglect, when.
550.190. Examination and certification of fee bill, by whom.
550.200. Original fee bill to director of department of corrections or county commission.
550.210. Fee bill, how certified--information required.
550.220. Fee bill certified to county commission--penalty.
550.230. Subsequent fee bill, when issued.
550.240. Fee bill from cases before associate circuit judge.
550.260. Copy of court cost bill filed with treasurer--warrants--criminal court cost bills recorded.
550.270. Payment of fees--deductions.
550.280. Certain fees deemed criminal costs.
550.290. Fees not negotiable or assignable--exception.
550.300. Disposition of court costs by county treasurers.
550.310. Judge or other officer violating law, how punished.

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