Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 552
Criminal Proceedings Involving Mental Illness


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Sexual predators, civil commitment, 632.480 to 632.525
552.010 Mental disease or defect defined.
552.015. Evidence of mental disease or defect, admissible, when.
552.020. Lack of mental capacity bar to trial or conviction--psychiatric examination, when, report of--plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease, supporting pretrial evaluation, conditions of release--commitment to hospital, when--statements of accused inadmissible, when--jury may be impaneled to determine mental fitness.
552.030. Mental disease or defect, not guilty plea based on, pretrial investigation--evidence--notice of defense--examination, reports confidential--statements not admissible, exception--presumption of competency--verdict contents--order of commitment to department.
552.040. Definitions--acquittal based on mental disease or defect, commitment to state hospital required--immediate conditional release--conditional or unconditional release, when--prior commitment, authority to revoke--applications for release, notice, burden of persuasion, criteria--hearings required, when--denial, reapplication--escape, notice--additional criteria for release.
552.043. Hearings open to public.
552.045. Transcript of proceedings and preliminary letter to institution, when.
552.050. Mental illness during service of sentence, proceedings relating thereto.
552.060. Mental disease or defect upon sentence to death.
552.070. Power of governor to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons.
552.080. Court costs, examination fees, care and treatment, transportation, how paid.

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