Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 558


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Definitions of correctional facility department organization, powers and responsibilities, for chapter 217 and chapter 558, 217.010
Dual jurisdiction of court in disposition of offender transferred from juvenile court, 211.073
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
558.002 Fines for felonies.
558.004. Imposition of fines.
558.006. Response to nonpayment.
558.008. Revocation of a fine.
558.011. Sentence of imprisonment, terms--conditional release.
558.016. Extended terms for prior criminal conduct--definitions--sentencing.
558.018. (Transferred 2014; now 566.125)
558.019. Prior felony convictions, minimum prison terms--prison commitment defined--dangerous felony, minimum term prison term, how calculated--sentencing commission created, members, duties--expenses--cooperation with commission--restorative justice methods--restitution fund.
558.021. Extended term procedures.
558.026. Concurrent and consecutive terms of imprisonment.
558.031. Calculation of terms of imprisonment--credit for jail time awaiting trial.
558.041. "Good time" credit, exceptions--rules, procedure.
558.046. Reduction of term of sentence, conditions.
558.047. Persons under eighteen, review of sentence, when, procedure.

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