Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 590
Peace Officers, Selection, Training and Discipline


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Child less than seventeen years taken into custody, record of law enforcement agency required, 210.004
Counties of the first classification and St. Louis City, arrest authority of certain peace officers, 70.820
Occupational diseases directly related to cleanup of illegal drug labs, workers' compensation, 287.070
590.010 Definitions.
590.020. Peace officer license required, when--classes of officers established--no license required, when.
590.030. Basic training, minimum standards established--age, citizenship and education requirements established by director--issuance of a license.
590.040. Minimum hours of basic training required.
590.050. Continuing education requirements.
590.060. Minimum standards for training instructors and centers--licensure of instructors--background check required, when.
590.070. Commissioning and departure of peace officers, director to be notified.
590.080. Discipline of peace officers, grounds--complaint filed, hearing.
590.090. Suspension of a license, when, procedure.
590.100. Denial of an application, when--review process.
590.110. Investigation of denial of licensure, procedure.
590.118. Peace officer investigations made available to hiring law enforcement agencies.
590.120. Peace officer standards and training commission established--members, qualifications, appointment--terms--duties--removal from office--vacancies--chairperson, appointment--rules and regulations, authority.
590.140. (Transferred 2000; now 488.5336)
590.145. Highway patrol academy fund created--use of funds therein.
590.178. Peace officer standards and training commission fund established.
590.180. Licensure status of peace officer inadmissible in determining validity of arrest--open records of peace officers.
590.190. Rulemaking authority.
590.195. Violations, penalty.
590.200. School protection officers, POST commission duties--minimum training requirements.
590.205. School protection officer training, POST commission to establish minimum standards--list of approved instructors, centers, and programs--background checks--certification.
590.207. Firearm out of control of school protection officer, penalty.
590.500. Certain law enforcement officers' right of appeal from disciplinary actions, procedure.
590.501. Certification removal of officer, hearing requirements, time limitation--exception.
590.650. Racial profiling--minority group defined--reporting requirements--annual report--review of findings--failure to comply--funds for audio-visual equipment--sobriety check points exempt.
590.653. Civilian review board--powers, duties.
590.700. Definitions--recording required for certain crimes--may be recorded, when--written policy required--violation, penalty.
590.750. Department to have sole authority to regulate and license advisors--commissioning of advisors--minimum liability insurance--acting without a license, penalty--rulemaking authority--application procedure.

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