Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 595
Victims of Crimes, Compensation and Services


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bail, threat to victim, witness, or community, consideration of, 544.457
Crime victims' rights, Const. Art. I, § 32
Escape of accused, crime victims' right to notice, Const. Art. I, § 32
Minors victim of sexual assault, AIDS testing, notice required for parent or custodian, 191.659
Minors victim of sexual assault, results of AIDS test, parent or custodian rights to results, 191.663
Sexually violent predators, civil commitment proceedings, notification to victims of violence, rights of victim, 632.507
Victim's right to appear before the court or make a statement prior to acceptance of plea bargain, 595.229
595.010 Definitions.
595.015. Compensation claims, department of public safety to administer, method--application filed with department, form, contents--additional items, notice--amended application--cooperation with law enforcement--information to be made available to department.
595.020. Eligibility for compensation.
595.025. Claims, filing and hearing, procedure, who may file--time limitation--amount of compensation, considerations--attorney's fees--examination, report by physician, when--exemption from collection.
595.027. Medical providers to submit information, when, penalty--medical providers, defined.
595.030. Compensation, out-of-pocket loss requirement, maximum amount for counseling expenses--award, computation--medical care, requirements--counseling, requirements--maximum award--joint claimants, distribution--method, timing of payment determined by department--negotiations with providers.
595.035. Award standards to be established--amount of award, factors to be considered--purpose of fund, reduction for other compensation received by victim, exceptions--time limitation.
595.036. Grievances, decision of department, appeal to administrative hearing commission.
595.037. Open records, exceptions--department order to close records.
595.040. Subrogation, state's right, when--attorney general to bring action--lien for injuries, proceeding by claimant to recover damages, department may intervene--department may receive restitution.
595.045. Funding--costs for certain violations, amount, distribution of funds, audit--judgments in certain cases, amount--failure to pay, effect, notice--court cost deducted--insufficient funds to pay claims, procedure--interest earned, disposition.
595.050. Contracts for services to victims, requirements, limitations.
595.055. Services for victims, requirements--exceptions.
595.060. Rules, authority--procedure.
595.065. Orders for payment, when effective.
595.075. Payments to witness, victim's compensation, inadmissible as evidence.
595.100. Funding, administration.
595.105. Funding for shelters for victims of domestic violence and agencies providing services for certain crime victims.
595.200. Definitions.
595.206. Victims eligible for services.
595.209. Rights of victims and witnesses--written notification, requirements.
595.210. Victims of sexually violent offenses, right to testify at parole hearings.
595.212. Prosecuting attorneys to maintain program to afford rights to victims and witnesses--funding and approval of agency programs.
595.215. Duty of cooperation for prosecutor, law enforcement and social service agencies.
595.218. Construction of provisions, no cause of action created against public employees or agencies.
595.220. Forensic examinations, department of public safety to pay medical providers, when--minor may consent to examination, when--attorney general to develop forms--collection kits--definitions--rulemaking authority.
595.223. Polygraph tests and psychological stress evaluator exams not permitted, when.
595.226. Identifiable information in court records to be redacted, when--access to information permitted, when--disclosure of identifying information regarding defendant, when.
595.229. Plea bargain, sentencing, victim's right to appear or make statement--notice to victim.
595.232. Identity theft--rights of victims--definition--incident reports, discretion of law enforcement not affected.

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