Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 632
Comprehensive Psychiatric Services


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New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
632.005. Definitions.
632.010. Responsibilities, powers, functions and duties of division.
632.015. Division director to be chief administrative officer.
632.020. Advisory council for comprehensive psychiatric services--members, number, terms, qualifications, appointment--organization, meetings--duties.
632.025. Services to be provided.
632.030. Department to develop state plan, contents.
632.035. Department director to establish regions.
632.040. Department director may establish regional councils--division director to appoint members--terms and qualifications of members.
632.045. Duties of regional advisory councils--plans--employment of staff.
632.050. Division to identify community-based services.
632.055. Division to provide services.
632.060. Department may establish outpatient clinics--cooperation with others.
632.070. Department of social services to cooperate with mental health department--consent for minors required.
632.105. Adults to be accepted for evaluation, when, by whom--may then be admitted to mental health facility--consent required.
632.110. Minors to be accepted for evaluation, when, by whom--may then be admitted to mental health facility--parent or guardian to consent--peace officer may transport to facility, when.
632.115. Juveniles to be admitted by heads of facilities when committed.
632.120. Incompetents to be accepted by heads of facilities upon application--duration of admission for evaluation--consent may be authorized.
632.150. Release of voluntary patients--voluntary patient may be involuntarily detained, procedure.
632.155. Release of voluntary minor patients, consent required--may be involuntarily detained, when, procedure.
632.175. Review of patient's condition, by whom, when--release or placement--copy of review to be given.
632.300. Procedure when a likelihood of serious harm is alleged.
632.305. Detention for evaluation and treatment, who may request--procedure--duration--disposition after application.
632.310. Facilities to accept certain applicants--evaluation to follow--transportation back to place of residence.
632.312. Transportation costs, sheriff may be reimbursed.
632.315. Copies of admission application to be furnished.
632.320. Time limits for certain procedures.
632.325. Information to be furnished to patient and others, when.
632.330. Additional detention and treatment may be requested--contents of petition.
632.335. Court procedures relating to continued detention or outpatient detention and treatment--continued detention may be ordered--patient's rights relating thereto.
632.337. Immediate inpatient detention during court-ordered outpatient detention and treatment, procedure.
632.340. Further additional detention or outpatient detention and treatment may be requested--hearing to be held, when--treatment plan to be presented.
632.345. Physician or licensed psychologist to be appointed, qualifications--detention to be continued, how long.
632.350. Conduct of hearing--jury question--result.
632.355. Additional detention or period of outpatient detention and treatment may be ordered, when.
632.360. Discharge of patient, when--procedure.
632.365. Where detention to take place.
632.370. Transfer of patient by department--hearing on transfer of minor to adult ward--consent required--notice to be given--considerations--transfer to federal facility, notice, restrictions.
632.375. Patient to be evaluated, when--report to certain persons--court may consider continuation of detention.
632.380. Provisions of chapter not to apply to certain persons.
632.385. Patient to be placed outside facility, when--conditions--duration--furloughs--modification of orders--notice requirements.
632.390. Head of program to release certain patients--notification to interested parties--involuntary patient may become voluntary, notification to interested parties.
632.392. Release of patient involuntarily detained, duties of department--educational materials--disclosure of confidential information--"care provider" defined.
632.395. Court may order transfer of custody to federal facility, when--head of federal facility to be successor administrator--court to retain jurisdiction--orders from courts of other states to be observed in this state.
632.400. Reexamination of detained person.
632.405. Prosecutor's duties.
632.410. Venue--change of jurisdiction.
632.415. Court to maintain register of attorneys available to represent patients--state to pay certain attorney's fees.
632.420. Certain examining physicians to be paid by state.
632.425. Physician-patient, psychologist-patient privileges waived in detention proceedings.
632.430. Appeals--to have priority--attorney general to be notified and to represent state.
632.435. Habeas corpus.
632.440. No liability for health care professionals, public officials and certain peace officers.
632.445. No liability for petitioners.
632.450. Representation by attorney required--duties of attorney.
632.455. Patient, absent without permission, return may be requested, when.
632.475. Sexual psychopaths committed before August 13, 1980, effect--application for release, hearing procedure--law officers to be given notice of probation or discharge.
Cross Reference

(2002) Escape rule applies to civil commitment proceedings under the sexually violent predator statutes. Ingrassia v. State, 103 S.W.3d 117 (Mo.App.E.D.). *** (2007) Sexually violent predator sections comply with the due process provisions of the United States and Missouri Constitutions. Murrell v. State, 215 S.W.3d 96 (Mo.banc). ***

632.480. Definitions.
632.483. Notice to attorney general, when--contents of notice--immunity from liability, when--multidisciplinary team established--prosecutors' review committee established.
632.484. Detention and evaluation of persons alleged to be sexually violent predators--duties of attorney general and department of mental health.
632.486. Petition filed by attorney general, when--copy of multidisciplinary team's assessment to be filed with petition.
632.489. Probable cause determined--sexually violent predator taken into custody, when--hearing, procedure--examination by department of mental health.
632.492. Trial--procedure--assistance of counsel, right to jury, when.
632.495. Unanimous verdict required--offender committed to custody of department of mental health, when--contracting with county jails, when--release, when--mistrial procedures.
632.498. Annual examination of mental condition, not required, when--annual review by the court--petition for release, hearing, procedures (when director disapproves).
632.501. Petition for release--hearing (when director approves).
632.504. Subsequent petitions for release--approval or denial procedures.
632.505. Conditional release--interagency agreements for supervision, plan--court review of plan, order, conditions--copy of order--continuing control and care--modifications--violations--agreements with private entities--fee, rulemaking authority--escape--notification to local law enforcement, when.
632.507. Attorney general to inform victims--notification of proceedings.
632.510. Release of information, when.
632.513. Sealed records of proceedings--access permitted, when.
632.520. Offender committing violence against an employee--definitions--penalty--damage of property, violation, penalty.
632.520. Offender committing violence against an employee--definitions--penalty--damage of property, violation, penalty.
632.525. Abrogation of case law, sexually violent offense definition.
632.550. Definitions.
632.553. Department to designate county for demonstration project--advisory board, members, duties--project goals.
632.555. Governing board for project, members, terms, duties.
632.557. Reports to governor and general assembly.
632.560. Mental health care provider requirements.

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