Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 640
Department of Natural Resources


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Asbestos, abatement project, department's powers and duties, 643.225 to 643.251
Document service fund, purpose, unexpended balance, 60.595
Earthquake, building and construction standards, duties, high seismic risk data, duty, 256.175
Fuel conservation and alternative fuels program for state motor vehicle fleets, duties, 414.400 to 414.417
Highways, roadways, rights-of-way, plants, shrubs, removal or sale, penalties, agents' duties to enforce law, 229.481
Katy Trail, no civil liability for adjoining landowners, when, 258.100
Meramec-Onondaga State Park fund, use of income and annual percentage of fund, purposes, 253.520
Metallic minerals waste management, procedures, duties, 444.350 to 444.380
Military service, exemption from certification requirements, 41.950
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Petroleum and petroleum products, defined as a hazardous substance when not in tanks eligible under storage tank insurance fund, 260.565
Sales and use tax to support conservation, soil, water and state parks, effective when, expires when, Const. Art. IV, §§ 47(a), 47(b), 47(c)
Sales of copies of maps, plats, records, studies, authorized, 60.590
Scenic roads, State Highway 19 designation, duties, 226.795
State historic preservation officer defined as the director of natural resources, 194.400
Transportation of hazardous waste, used oil, infectious waste or waste tires by motor vehicles, authority to issue licenses or permits transferred to highways and transportation commission, 226.008
Underground storage tanks insurance fund, annual report on availability of private insurance, duties, 319.131
Unmarked human burials, jurisdiction and duties of director of department of natural resources, state historic preservation officer, 194.400, 194.406 to 194.409
Water supply systems, loans, assistance program by linked deposits, 30.750 to 30.767
640.010. Department created--director, appointment, powers, duties--transfer of certain agencies.
640.012. Burden of proof in contested cases heard by administrative hearing commission, exceptions.
640.013. Appeals from certain environmental decisions to be heard by administrative hearing commission.
640.015. Environmental conditions or standards, rules to cite specific law or authority relied upon--regulatory impact report required, contents, procedure, not required when--section not applicable, when.
640.016. Permit restrictions by department of natural resources prohibited in absence of statutory authority--permit issuance procedures--denial of permit, basis to be detailed--approval of permit not to be altered for one year, when.
640.017. Unified permit schedule authorized for activities requiring multiple permits--director's duties--procedure--rulemaking authority.
640.018. Permit issuance after expiration of statutorily required time frame--engineering plans, specifications and designs--permit application or modification, statement required, use by department.
640.026. Enforcement and penalties, list of documents produced for external dissemination--JCAR review, contents.
640.030. Interagency plan, department of natural resources and department of conservation.
640.033. Department may not adopt certain rules.
640.035. Environmental control--conservation programs--department's duty to maintain records, content.
640.040. Cleanup of controlled substance laboratories--rules--fund.
640.045. Revolving fund for cash transactions for sale of items made by Department of Natural Resources divisions established.
640.065. Revolving services fund created, use of moneys.
640.075. Brochures on Thomas Hart Benton murals and capitol art work, publication.
640.078. Federal Clean Water Act and federal Safe Drinking Water Act, tax refunds in violation of--department of natural resources to identify other appropriated funds to department for transfer to the state general revenue fund.
640.080. E. coli measuring standard--posting of signs when beaches exceed, language--authority to close beaches.
640.090. Implementation impact report, submitted to whom--criteria.
640.099. Nonseverability of act.
Cross Reference

Clean water commission to consider effect on drinking water supply when engaging in groundwater remediation procedures, 644.143 ***

640.100. Commission, duties, promulgate rules--political subdivisions may set certain additional standards--certain departments test water supply, when--fees, amount--federal compliance--customer fees, effective, when.
640.102. Definitions.
640.105. Commission established, members appointed--organization--reimbursement for expenses.
640.107. Drinking water revolving fund--loans and grants--funds for training and technical assistance.
640.110. Fund established--deposits, disbursements--unexpended balance not transferred.
640.115. Information to be furnished--approval of supplies--system changes to conform to rules--permit applications--appeals.
640.116. Exemption from rules, system exclusively serving charitable or benevolent organization, when.
640.120. Tests, required when--inspections, sampling, entry denied, procedure--publication, community water quality--lead-free construction and repair materials required, exceptions.
640.125. Test results to be reported--records to be retained--notices--information to be provided.
640.128. Voluntary reporting by permit holders, department to notify local and state health departments of potential risks.
640.130. Emergencies--actions to be taken--water systems in violation, penalties.
640.131. Administrative penalties.
640.135. Fluoride rules prohibited.
640.136. Fluoridation modification, notification to department and customers, when.
640.137. Source water of public water systems--duties of department--petition program authorized.
640.140. Department may cooperate with others--may receive aid, conduct training and research--may financially assist in construction of water systems.
640.150. Duties as to energy activities--department may enter into contracts and agreements, when.
640.153. Home energy audits--definitions--certification process.
640.155. Energy information, defined--confidentiality--penalty for disclosure.
640.157. Energy center to serve as coordinator of energy sustainability activities, duties.
640.160. Energy futures fund created, use of moneys.
640.219. Fund created, use of moneys--full professorship of energy efficiency and conservation authorized, duties.
640.220. Natural resources protection fund created--purpose--funding--administration--fund relapses into general fund, when.
640.235. Damages received, use, limit, purpose--additional funds used, when--funds transferred, when, how much.
640.236. Punitive and exemplary damages, exempt from, when.
640.400. Citation of law.
640.403. Definitions.
640.405. Interstate use of water, negotiation of interstate compacts, duties of department--general assembly and other agencies to be consulted.
640.409. Surface and ground water monitoring program, duties of department, purpose.
640.412. Inventory to be maintained on ground and surface water uses, quantity and users.
640.415. State water resource plan to be established for use of surface and ground water--annual report, contents--powers of department.
640.418. Special water protection area, procedure to establish.
640.420. Special water protection area, information program to be established, purpose, duties.
640.423. Designation as protection area removed, when.
640.426. Report by department annually, content.
640.430. Interagency task force established, members, meetings.
640.435. Judicial review from final orders of department, procedure--duties of department not to conflict.
Cross Reference

Emergency drought relief, money how expended, 644.564 *** Water supply systems, loans, assistance program by linked deposits, 30.750 to 30.765 ***

640.600. Grants in aid to certain public water supply sewer systems.
640.605. Purpose of grants.
640.610. Appropriation for grants made to the department of natural resources--to administer.
640.615. Applicant to obtain primary source to finance project and then apply for grant--rules governing grants, authority of department.
640.620. Limitation on grants--exceptions.
640.648. Right to private water systems and ground source systems retained, exceptions.
Cross Reference

Funds available for certain school district renovation projects, use, 165.011 ***

640.651. Definitions.
640.653. Application and technical assistance report, content and form--loans, how granted--review and summary by agencies.
640.657. Annual computation of actual energy cost savings.
640.660. Loan repayment.
640.663. Record-keeping requirements for borrowers.
640.665. Energy set-aside program fund.
640.668. Transfer of funds from industrial/commercial energy conservation loan fund.
640.670. Transfer of funds from local government energy conservation loan fund.
640.672. Remittance for improper use of loan, procedure--failure to remit payment, collection, actions--audit of loan, when.
640.674. Rulemaking authority, procedure.
640.676. Public and private partnership agreements.
640.678. Administration of fund.
640.680. Administration of program moneys from sources other than appropriations.
640.682. Revenue bonds, purpose.
640.686. Form, details and incidents of revenue bonds.
640.700. Certain sections to apply only to facilities with a flush system.
640.703. Definitions.
640.710. Department to regulate facilities--rules--setback--exemption.
640.715. Notification by owners or operators, information required--department to issue permit, when.
640.725. Inspection of facility, when, records retention period--automatic shutoff system required.
640.730. Facility to have containment structure.
640.735. Discharge to be reported, when, to whom.
640.740. Fund created--how money to be expended--abandoned property defined--transfer of fund to general revenue, prohibited.
640.745. Fee to be paid by facility owner/operator, when, amount--fund expended, how, limit--closure activities.
640.747. Closure, funds to be returned, when.
640.750. Department to inspect, when.
640.755. Rulemaking, procedure--clean water commission to administer.
640.758. Does not apply to livestock markets.

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