Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 643
Air Conservation


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Chapter Cross Reference
Fuel conservation and alternative fuels use program for state motor vehicle fleets, 414.400 to 414.417
Hearings on environmental matters, department of natural resources has burden of proof, exception, 640.012
Indoor clean air act regulating smoking in public places, 191.765 to 191.777
Natural resources protection fund, purpose, funding by air pollution permits and fees, 640.220
643.010. Short title.
643.020. Definitions.
643.030. Intent of law--commission to control air pollution.
643.040. Air conservation commission created--members, terms, expenses, meetings.
643.050. Powers and duties of commission--rules, procedure.
643.055. Commission may adopt rules for compliance with federal law--suspension, reinstatement--exemption, limitations--regulation of residential wood burning heaters or appliances prohibited without legislative authorization.
643.060. Powers and duties of director.
643.070. Commission to adopt rules, notice--public hearing.
643.073. Procedure for submission of applications, fee.
643.075. Construction without permit prohibited--denial, appeal, procedure--fee, exemption--natural resources protection fund, air pollution permit fee subaccount--city or county permit granted, effect.
643.076. Sections not to apply to locomotives, exception.
643.077. Operating and construction permits, transferability.
643.078. Operation without permit prohibited--single permit for multiple sources--information to be submitted, time period--validation of permit, terms and conditions--time period--director shall enforce federal standards--appeal--city or county permit granted, effect.
643.079. Fees, amount--deposit of moneys, where, subaccount to be maintained--civil action for failure to remit fees, effect upon permit--agencies, determination of fees--fee structure revision.
643.080. Investigations, when made--violation, how eliminated--hearing, procedure--final order, notice of.
643.085. Administrative penalties, assessment, restriction--conference, conciliation and persuasion--rules--payment--appeal--collection, disposition.
643.090. Generalized condition, emergency risk, what action taken--nongeneralized condition, cease and desist order--injunctive relief, priority in court.
643.100. Testimony at hearings, how recorded--subpoenas, how issued--rules hearings, how held--other hearings, how held--final orders, how approved.
643.110. Commission may grant, modify and revoke variances--director to make recommendation, when.
643.120. Commission shall act upon request--decision rendered, when--action to compel completion of proceedings.
643.130. Judicial review.
643.140. Political subdivisions not preempted in field of air pollution--certificate of authority to issue permits and variances, grounds for revocation.
643.151. Violations, penalties, notice--civil action--offer of settlement, method--disclosure of confidential information, penalty.
643.161. State or political subdivisions contracting with persons not having a permit or in contempt of court prohibited.
643.170. Existing penalties not to be impaired--no actionable rights created, exceptions.
643.173. Small business technical assistance program established, duties--advisory committee created, members, appointment, terms, compensation, duties.
643.175. Small business ombudsman, duties--appointment.
643.190. Department to be air pollution agency for purposes of federal air pollution control acts.
643.191. Violation of certain requirements unlawful, penalty--false statements unlawful, penalty.
643.192. Evaluation of costs of compliance--department to tabulate information--report filed, with whom, when.
643.210. Rules, promulgation.
643.220. Missouri emissions banking and trading program established by commission--promulgation of rules.
643.225. Rules for asbestos abatement projects, standards and examinations--certification requirements--application--examination, content--certificate expires, when--fees--renewal of certificate requirements--refresher course--failure to pass examination, may repeat exam, when--fee for renewal--inapplicability, exemption, when, fee.
643.228. Training courses to be certified--evaluation by department of health and senior services, when--violation, effect--accreditation fee--reciprocity with other states.
643.230. Denial, suspension or revocation by director, certifications, accreditation of training program or exemption status--grounds--procedure--appeal to commission, powers of commission.
643.232. Asbestos abatement contractor required to register annually, qualifications--project requirements--registration fee.
643.235. Registration, denial, suspension or revocation by directors, grounds--appeal to commission, procedure--commission's powers--revocation of registration, person may reapply, when.
643.237. Projects requiring special application, form, contents--procedure--fee, exemptions from fee--revision of project plans, notification of department required.
643.240. Friable material subject to regulation--air sample analysis, how conducted.
643.242. Inspection of projects, when--inspection fee--postponement of project, notice to department, failure to notify, effect--exemption from fee for local air pollution control agency, when.
643.245. Natural resources protection fund--air pollution asbestos fee subaccount created--purpose--lapse into general revenue prohibited--fund deposited where, by state treasurer, interest credited to fund.
643.250. Entry by department on public or private property for regulation purposes--refusal to allow grounds for revocation or injunctions, violations of regulations, penalties.
643.251. Certification authorized for persons completing asbestos and earthquake training.
643.255. Cities, counties, state agencies, requirements.
643.263. Testing for asbestos, schools--report, contents of--reports of departments.
643.265. Department of health and senior services, department of natural resources, interagency agreement.
Cross Reference

Nonattainment areas, carbon emissions, implementation impact report, 640.090 ***

643.300. Citation of law--mandate of Congress.
643.303. Decentralized emissions program for inspections, when, program for inspecting certain motor vehicles, requirements--application for authorization to conduct emission inspections--repairs--certification to begin, when, report--remote sensing devices and gas cap tests authorized--program requirements, interagency agreements--rulemaking authority--promotion of program.
643.305. Commission to adopt state implementation plan, nonattainment areas, certain cities and counties--emission reductions established--department to establish air quality baseline--cost of reduction measures, determination--emissions inspection program, report, public information program.
643.310. Commission to establish decentralized motor vehicle emissions inspection program, certain cities and counties, exceptions--selection of person to operate inspection facility or program, procedure, contract requirement--selection of contractors, minorities, motor vehicle dealers--storage of conventional gasoline in nonattainment area.
643.312. Reformulated gasoline program.
643.315. Motor vehicles subject to program, when, evidence of inspection and approval--exceptions--reciprocity with other states--dealer inspection, return of motor vehicle for failing inspection, options, violation.
643.320. Criteria for operation of inspection stations, established--application, form, fee--commission to inspect--suspension and revocation of license, procedure--required reports--alternative administrative enforcement mechanisms--sign, requirements, furnished by department, cost.
643.325. Certificate and sticker, commission to establish, display of, requirements.
643.330. Vehicle failure on inspection, reinspection, charge--inspector to provide written estimate, cost of repairs--department to test facilities, violations.
643.335. Waiver amount established by commission, cost, limits--verification of repairs, procedure--waiver form, affidavit--amount, how calculated--waiver amount for repairs by owner, form--waiver amount for owners receiving public assistance.
643.337. Oversight of vehicle emissions inspection program--report--rulemaking authority.
643.340. Operation of vehicle without registration, when allowed--vehicle emission inspection, lawful operation beyond registration expiration, when.
643.345. Transfer of registration not allowed without emissions certificate, when--exceptions.
643.350. Inspection fee--contractor to remit portion, deposit in Missouri air emission reduction fund, use of, balance not to lapse--moneys may be deposited into general revenue fund, when--supplementation of funds.
643.353. Annual report on effectiveness of emissions inspection program, requirements.
643.355. Illegal acts, penalties.
643.400. Polystyrene foam products made from ozone depleting chemical, sale or distribution, prohibited, penalty--effective when.
643.600. Compact entered into.
643.610. Compact to be effective, when--commissioners, qualifications, terms, vacancies, how filled.
643.620. Commissioners, per diem allowed.
Cross Reference

Nonattainment areas, implementation impact report, section 643.640 not limited or superceded, 640.090 ***

643.640. Emission standards to be developed for certain carbon dioxide sources--unit-by-unit analysis required, procedure--severability clause.
643.650. Sulfur dioxide, ambient air quality monitoring or modeling network.

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