Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 191
Health and Welfare
Section 191.769

August 28, 2014

Areas not considered public places.

191.769. The following areas are not considered a public place:

(1) An entire room or hall which is used for private social functions, provided that the seating arrangements are under the control of the sponsor of the function and not of the proprietor or other person in charge;

(2) Limousines for hire and taxicabs, where the driver and all passengers agree to smoking in such vehicle;

(3) Performers on the stage, provided that the smoking is part of the production;

(4) A place where more than fifty percent of the volume of trade or business carried on is that of the blending of tobaccos or sale of tobaccos, cigarettes, pipes, cigars or smoking sundries;

(5) Bars, taverns, restaurants that seat less than fifty people, bowling alleys and billiard parlors, which conspicuously post signs stating that "Nonsmoking Areas are Unavailable";

(6) Private residences; and

(7) Any enclosed indoor arena, stadium or other facility which may be used for sporting events and which has a seating capacity of more than fifteen thousand persons.

(L. 1992 S.B. 509, et al. ยง 3)

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