Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 311
Liquor Control Law
Section 311.055

August 28, 2013

License to manufacture not required, personal or family use--limitation--removal from premises permitted, when.

311.055. 1. No person at least twenty-one years of age shall be required to obtain a license to manufacture intoxicating liquor, as defined in section 311.020, for personal or family use. The aggregate amount of intoxicating liquor manufactured per household shall not exceed two hundred gallons per calendar year if there are two or more persons over the age of twenty-one years in such household, or one hundred gallons per calendar year if there is only one person over the age of twenty-one years in such household. Any intoxicating liquor manufactured under this section may not be offered for sale.

2. Beer brewed under this section may be removed from the premises where brewed for personal or family use, including use at organized affairs, exhibitions, or competitions, such as home brewer contests, tastings, or judging. The use may occur off licensed retail premises, on any premises under a temporary retail license issued under sections 311.218, 311.482, 311.485, 311.486, or 311.487, or on any tax exempt organization's licensed premises as described in section 311.090.

(L. 1995 S.B. 468, A.L. 2009 H.B. 132, A.L. 2013 S.B. 121)

Effective 6-12-13

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