Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 474
Probate Code--Intestate Succession and Wills

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August 28, 2013

474.010. General rules of descent.
474.015. Failure to survive decedent by 120 hours deemed predecease of
474.020. Lineals take per capita and per stirpes, when.
474.030. Partial intestacy.
474.040. Collaterals of half blood inherit, how.
474.050. Posthumous children to inherit.
474.060. Determination of relationship of parent and child--adopted person is
child of adopting parent, exception--illegitimate child, relationship
474.070. Legitimation by marriage.
474.080. Issue of void or dissolved marriage, legitimate.
474.090. Advancements counted against share, when--evaluation.
474.100. Alienage no bar to descent.
474.110. Curtesy and dower abolished.
474.120. Inheritance and statutory rights deemed waived, when.
474.130. Estate conveyed determines on failure of contractual bar.
474.140. Inheritance and statutory rights barred on misconduct of spouse.
474.150. Gifts in fraud of marital rights--presumptions on conveyances.
474.155. Contract to make will or devise, revoke or not revoke will or devise,
or to die intestate, how established.
474.160. Election by surviving spouse to take against will, effect.
474.163. Valuation of estate, how determined.
474.170. Notice of right to elect.
474.180. Time for making of election.
474.190. Form of election, filing.
474.200. Right of election personal to surviving spouse.
474.220. Waiver of right to elect.
474.230. Effect of failure to elect to take against will.
474.235. Share of omitted spouse.
474.240. Share of omitted children, how determined.
474.250. Exempt property of surviving spouse or minor children.
474.260. One year support allowance, property in lieu thereof--allowance exempt
from all claims.
474.270. Exempt property applied for, when.
474.280. Proceeds of sale of exempt property paid over, when.
474.290. Homestead allowance--partition of real estate selected,
474.293. Provision of family allowance by independent personal
representative--limitations--relief by court.
474.300. Effect of death of spouse or child or marriage of minor on family and
homestead allowances.
474.310. Who may make will.
474.320. Will form, execution, attestation.
474.330. Who may witness will--effect of interest in will.
474.333. Will may provide for disposal of personal property by separate list.
474.337. Written will self-proved, how.
474.340. Nuncupative wills.
474.350. Revocation of nuncupative will.
474.360. Written will valid if executed in compliance with law.
474.370. Foreign wills, recorded when, evidence.
474.380. Probate of foreign wills.
474.382. Wills and trusts, English translation required, costs.
474.390. Contest of foreign will.
474.400. Revocation of wills.
474.410. Revocation of subsequent will also revokes first will--exception.
474.420. Change in circumstances--divorce.
474.425. Property given by testator during life treated as satisfaction of
devise, when--valuation.
474.430. Court to conform to directions of will.
474.435. Class gift terminology includes certain persons and relationships, how
474.440. Bond to convey does not revoke devise.
474.450. Encumbrance does not revoke devise--exoneration, when.
474.455. Devisee who does not survive testator by 120 hours treated as
predeceasing testator--exceptions.
474.460. Testator surviving devisee, effect.
474.463. Exchange of securities not to adeem specific legacy.
474.465. Failure of devise to become part of residue.
474.470. Rule in Shelley's case abolished, effect.
474.480. Devise deemed to convey fee simple, when.
474.500. Wills of land to be recorded, where.
474.510. Deposit of will in court in testator's lifetime.
474.520. Construction of will.
474.530. Wills heretofore probated, effect--evidence.

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