Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 226
State Transportation Department

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August 28, 2013

226.003. Public rest areas, department of transportation not to contract for
the operation of truck stops, fueling stations, convenience stores or
226.005. State department of transportation created--authority of
commission--compensation of employees.
226.007. Transfer of agencies.
226.008. Responsibilities and authority of highways and transportation
commission--transfer of authority to department of transportation.
226.009. Out-of-service orders against motor carriers, actions of commission,
notice, responsibilities of motor carriers--admissibility of
orders--hearing and review of order, venue, procedure--review and
disclosure of information--update of
226.010. Definitions.
226.020. State highways and transportation commission created.
226.030. Number of members--qualifications--term--removal--compensation.
226.033. Prohibited acts by certain commissioners.
226.033. Prohibited acts by certain commissioners.
226.040. State highways and transportation commission to appoint director of
department of transportation, qualifications, duties--chief engineer,
qualifications, duties--assistants and other employees.
226.050. Secretary to be appointed--duties and powers.
226.060. Authorized to select chief legal counsel--salary and
qualifications--assistant attorneys, how appointed.
226.070. Attorney general shall advise commission, when.
226.080. Salaries, how fixed--veterans' preference authorized.
226.090. Commissioners and employees--oath--bond--selection and removal of
employees to be without regard to political affiliation.
226.092. Commission may provide automobile liability insurance,
when--self-insured and partial self-insured plans, when.
226.095. Arbitration for negligence actions, when.
226.096. Certain controversies or claims to be settled by
arbitration--rulemaking authority.
226.100. Principal office to be in Jefferson City--persons authorized to
administer oaths.
226.110. State transportation department building the official residence of
the state highways and transportation commission--maintenance and
repair in charge of board of public buildings.
226.120. Chairman and vice chairman, election, term--quorum--monthly meeting,
226.130. Duties and powers of commission--rulemaking, procedure.
226.132. Department of transportation to create transportation plan for the
state, information required--submission deadline.
226.133. Funding authorized for highway and bridge repairs and construction,
transportation plans approved by the general assembly, bonds may be
issued, requirements, procedure.
226.134. Projects funded by bonds to conform with priorities of 1992 plan,
226.135. Commission authorized to contract with other jurisdictions--multistate
permits for certain vehicles--fees--over-dimension permit fund
226.136. Campaign contributions to state elected officials a prohibition
to serving as bond investment advisors or underwriters, when.
226.140. Audit of records, when--plan to modernize transportation system,
226.150. Commission directed to comply with acts of Congress relating to road
funds and road work--may sell unnecessary tools, commission employees
not to purchase, exception.
226.160. Extension of workers' compensation law to include employees of state
highways and transportation commission and state highway
patrol--self-insurance plans, when.
226.170. Election of state highways and transportation commission, how
226.181. Parks, requests for federal aid, notice to be given department.
226.190. Assent to act of Congress for aid to state roads.
226.191. State transportation assistance revolving fund
created--administration--powers of commission--fund not to lapse.
226.195. Missouri state transit assistance program--definitions, purpose,
rulemaking authority.
226.200. State highways and transportation department fund--sources of
226.210. Road bond interest and sinking fund.
226.220. State road fund--sources--expenditures.
226.225. State transportation fund established, purposes.
226.230. Auditor, treasurer and highways and transportation commission--duties.
226.240. Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase or condemnation, lands,
mines, quarries or other property.
226.250. Authorized to acquire, by lease, purchase, or condemnation, plants
or factories.
226.260. Right conferred to maintain and operate such mines, lands, quarries,
plants, factories or other property.
226.270. Method of procedure in case of condemnation proceedings.
226.280. Definitions.
226.290. Interpretations.
226.300. Purpose of law.
226.310. Duties and powers of state transportation department.
226.320. State agencies to cooperate.
226.330. State transportation department to accept donations of
and acquire lands.
226.340. Area to be provided for parkway purposes.
226.350. State to convey necessary areas in fee simple to United States.
226.360. Political subdivisions to convey parkway areas.
226.370. Areas to be in accordance with preliminary development and property
226.380. Areas prohibited from certain uses.
226.390. Use of existing highways in connection with parkways--conditions.
226.400. Concurrent jurisdiction ceded to United States.
226.410. All other powers preserved to state.
226.420. Powers and duties of state transportation department in
parkway area.
226.430. Powers to be exercised when funds are appropriated.
226.440. Commission established.
226.445. Commission members, number, term, appointment--compensation--staff.
226.450. Meetings, number required annually--called how--quorum.
226.455. Commission's duties.
226.460. Commission's powers.
226.465. State agencies to cooperate.
226.490. Official highway maps--certain attractions to be designated, when.
226.500. Purpose of law.
226.501. Tenth amendment to United States Constitution quoted.
226.502. Legislative intent--funds to be used.
226.510. Definitions.
226.520. Permitted signs--specifications.
226.525. Natural wonders and historic attractions, signs, how erected--private
owners to reimburse commission--rules to be promulgated for
tourist-oriented directional signs.
226.527. Signs not to be visible from main highway--removal, compensation--no
removal, when--local law applicable, when, extent.
226.530. Permits--rulemaking.
226.531. Definitions--sexually oriented billboards prohibited, when--existing
billboards to be conforming, when--violation, penalty.
226.532. Attorney general to represent the state in certain actions.
226.535. Travel information signs, where erected--rules to be consistent with
national standards.
226.540. Signs permitted on certain highways--lighting restrictions--size,
226.541. Conforming out of standard signs treated as conforming,
when--definitions--duties of owners--local zoning authorities may
prohibit resetting of signs--inspections.
226.545. Landmark signs, permitted when.
226.550. Permits, fees for, exemption--permits to be issued for existing signs,
exceptions--biennial inspection fees, collection, deposit,
exceptions--permit to erect sign lapses, when.
226.560. Certain provisions to affect subsequently erected signs only.
226.570. Highways and transportation commission to remove and pay for signs,
order of removal--funds must be available before removal--removal
of certain signs must be ordered by Secretary of Transportation.
226.573. Rulemaking--new technology in outdoor advertising.
226.580. Unlawful signs defined--removal authorized--notice--owner may proceed,
how--removal costs, how paid--review of order, how--order of
removal--reimbursement to owner, when.
226.585. Vegetation along right-of-way, cutting of--transportation
department, duties.
226.590. Matching funds--source.
226.600. Penalty.
226.650. Purpose of law.
226.660. Definitions.
226.670. Licenses--fee.
226.680. Prohibited areas--exceptions.
226.690. Preexisting junkyards--screening--removal.
226.700. Rules authorized--injunctive relief.
226.710. Unlicensed junkyard--penalty.
226.720. Unscreened junkyards near state and county roads prohibited--penalty.
226.750. Beautification, rest, recreational areas authorized.
226.760. Acquisition, condemnation authority.
226.770. Authority to contract with public agencies for funds.
226.780. Expenditures limited to federal funds.
226.790. Commercial facilities within rest or recreation areas prohibited.
226.792. U.S. Route 66, original roads and highways to be renamed "Route 66".
226.795. Scenic road, State Highway 19 designation, duties.
226.796. U.S. Highway 66 designated historic highway--duties--costs,
how paid.
226.797. Scenic roads and highways system to be established--commission's
powers and duties--counties or municipalities may make application,
procedure to join or remove from scenic system.
226.798. Factors considered in designating a road or highway a scenic
byway--rating system to be established.
226.799. Procedure to designate a road or highway as scenic,
publication--hearing--county or city in area affected to notify
commission of approval or rejection, effect.
226.800. Marking national historic trails with approved signs--donations.
226.801. Signs and outdoor advertising, rules and regulations.
226.805. Interstate agency committee on special transportation
created--members--powers and duties.
226.808. Duties of department to assist and furnish--staff for
committee--annual report, content.
226.900. Goals and reports on minority employment, training and use of
minority-owned construction companies.
226.905. Contract requirements for use of minority-owned construction
companies on projects with federal funding.
226.907. Minority-owned construction companies not required, when.
226.910. Contract requirements not in compliance with federal law to be null
and void.
226.950. Definitions.
226.952. Approved location of highway corridor, certified copy of corridor map
filed where--requirements prior to filing.
226.955. Revision of corridor map, procedure--commission to dispose of
property if highway not constructed within ten years.
226.957. Exceptions to highway corridor law--fee to be paid to city or county
on filing of corridor map by commission.
226.959. Applications and requests by landowners on land abutting or in
corridor, copies to be furnished to commission.
226.961. Applications or requests not to be approved by city or county without
commission approval--procedure.
226.963. Approval by commission may be conditioned upon modification or
limits--rejection by city, county or landowner procedure.
226.965. Commission not concurring with application or request may acquire
property--notice of intent, procedure.
226.967. Notice of intent to acquire by commission, procedure, time
limitation, effect--corridor location changes or failure to start
construction, prior property owner first refusal to reacquire
property at cost.
226.969. Recorder of deeds not to record plat, or city or county issue building
permits, until commission has time to act on request or agreement to
226.971. Violations, authority of commission to bring actions in circuit
court--restoration of property to its original condition by court
order--acts in violation to be unenforceable.
226.973. Cities and counties to have authority to take actions to preserve and
enforce highway corridor.
226.975. Commission not required to file plans.
226.1115. Property removed from roadway to be taken to shoulder or berm of

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