Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 380
County, Town and Farmers' Mutual Property Insurance Companies

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August 28, 2013

380.005. Definitions.
380.011. Classification as Missouri mutual insurance companies--new companies
380.021. Authority to do business on not-for-profit basis--property of members,
authority to insure--limitation of area--reserve fund, and
reinsurance requirements.
380.031. Exemption from insurance laws, exceptions.
380.041. Board of directors, election, qualifications, terms, officers--annual
meeting of company, held when, notice of requirements.
380.051. Financial statement filed annually, fee.
380.061. Examination by department, powers and duties--expenses--examination by
CPA in lieu of department--refusal to comply, effect.
380.071. Unsafe operation of business--reasonable time to remedy--failure to
remedy, director's powers.
380.081. Noncompliance--notice, content hearing--judicial review--failure to
comply, director's powers.
380.091. Forms filed where--disapproval by director, notice, content--judicial
380.101. Policyholder in mutual to be member--eligibility--member's right to
sue company.
380.111. School district's real and personal property may be insured--procedure
for district to become member.
380.121. Membership fee--business basis, how established--assessment of
members--reserve--return of deposits to members, when--liability
of policyholder on termination of policy.
380.131. Loss or judgment against company, business basis to determine
procedure--failure to pay assessment, effect.
380.141. Unsatisfied judgment against company, restraining order for
transaction of new business.
380.151. Mutual companies may unite or transfer funds and engagements,
procedure--creditor's rights not affected.
380.201. Definitions.
380.211. New companies prohibited, when.
380.221. Missouri mutual companies may elect to come under this
law--procedure--farmers' mutuals to operate under this
law--exemption from examination, certain agents.
380.231. Company operations limited to Missouri.
380.241. Amendment to articles and bylaws, procedure--fee.
380.251. Forms, filing and approval, fee--policy, required
provisions--disapproved, procedure.
380.261. Kinds of insurance company may make.
380.271. Financial reinsurance requirements.
380.281. Mergers of certain mutual companies, procedure--merger plan, required
380.291. Meeting to consider merger plan, notice--requirements.
380.301. Approval of merger plan, votes required.
380.311. Articles of merger, content--executed by corporate officers.
380.321. Director to review petition for merger--hearing to be held,
380.331. Certificate of merger issued, when--director and secretary of state's
380.341. Merger effective when.
380.351. Certificate of merger returned to whom.
380.361. Surviving corporation after merger, rights and liabilities.
380.371. Powers of a company, generally.
380.381. Board of directors, election--terms--vacancies--annual meeting,
quorum, voting rights.
380.391. Misuse of company assets for private gain, penalty.
380.401. Record of investigations of company operations by
director--violations, duties of prosecutor or attorney general.
380.411. Officers, how selected, tenure.
380.421. Membership in a company, eligibility.
380.431. Initial charge--guaranty fund to be maintained, how funded,
purpose--policies providing for assessment of
380.441. Liability of members--suspension of company liability during
delinquency of members.
380.451. Policyholder not liable for obligations after termination of
policy--notice of assessment after termination.
380.461. Company may borrow to pay losses--assessment to pay loan.
380.471. Approved investments.
380.482. Annual statement of company.
380.491. Director to examine, when--expenses.
380.501. Company may dissolve--procedure.
380.511. Company exempt from insurance laws, exception.
380.521. License for agents--agencies and brokers.
380.531. Notices, how given.
380.541. Policy cancellation--exceptions.
380.551. Waiver of provision or defense, what constitutes--evidence.
380.561. Rules, authority for, procedure.
380.571. Violations, penalties.
380.581. Powers of company in general.
380.591. Suits against company commenced when--limitation.
380.601. Conversion to a mutual insurance company--procedure.
380.611. Sale of corporate charter, penalty--exclusive right to control a
company, approval by director, requirements.
380.651. Provisions inapplicable to mutual companies.

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